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Bizarre events begin to occur almost immediately, evidence that her dead aunt's spirit is determined to drive her out. She becomes equally determined to stay. Spooky happenings but the protagonist is not particularly sympathetic, which detracts considerably from the suspense. Evil spirits trouble a remote part of England. The rather gory tale of an Indian witch woman who invokes the power of ancient demons, setting them loose upon the modern world. Weaving her web of magical power, she reaches out to strike in the darkness until her ultimate defeat.

A powerful witch from colonial times returns in the present, determined to acquire a new body and use her supernatural powers to rule the world. She is aided by living occultists who are dedicated to the pursuit of evil. As usual, she is thwarted at the very last moment. A small southern town falls under the influence of a charismatic preacher whose female adherents begin to die under mysterious circumstances. A young woman recognizes the danger and struggles to alert people of a pact between the preacher and an evil woman who wishes to conquer death itself.

A doctor suspects that there is something secret and unnatural about her new patient. Century Hutchinson, , as by Derek Farmer. This is an updated, simplified version of Bram Stoker's The Jewel of the Seven Stars aimed at younger readers, which see for the plot summary. Indian Mystery, The. Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.

New Amsterdam, , as The Indian Mystery.

About this book

A serial killer is reincarnated several times. A fashion model visiting Haiti discovers that her presence at a voodoo ceremony has awakened hidden magical powers. She joins a movement to depose a dictator, but actually plans to satisfy her own lust for power by turning the organization to her own purposes. Plenty of voodoo, but with very few sympathetic characters.

Fawcett, , is slightly expanded. Beneath the quiet waters of a secluded lake, a gigantic serpentlike creature lives. Having decided that he is a failure in life, Laird Menton retreats to the lake, not suspecting that he will become involved with a series of horrible deaths. A proud family labors under a horrible curse.

One of their number is a werewolf, doomed to exact bloody vengeance on friend and foe alike. A fairly suspenseful treatment but extremely predictable. A visitor from the north makes friends with the ghost of a young cadet killed during the Civil War and helps him to find eternal rest by locating a missing watch. A coven of good witches protects the world from supernatural evil. A videogame fan battles supernatural evil.

Following the mysterious disappearance of a woman, her family gathers and learns of an ancient curse. Then a "ghost" appears and warns them of the imminent arrival of the Devil himself, culminating in a psychic encounter in a dark cavern. Tedious, confusing, and unfrightening. Collection of loosely related Cthulhu Mythos stories. Ambiguous book about a man investigating coincidences who may have stumbled upon a supernatural force. Unclassifiable story of a man who finds himself sharing the body of an alternate version of himself in a world slightly different than his own.

Gives schizophrenia a whole new meaning. Then members of the group begin to die, their lives claimed by the personality that is either a ghost or a construction of their own imagination. A crazed doctor running an asylum for the violently insane indulges a personal whim and uses experimental drugs on the patients under his care, with terrifying results.

Apparent genuine possession is the fantastical element in an otherwise bizarre but mundane horror tale. A madman finds a magical jewel that survived the destruction of Atlantis.

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With it, he is able to affect the minds of others, and sets out to rid the world of those he considers unworthy of life. More adventure than horror. Mental invasion from a distance is the main menace in this story of a man who can send evil images into the minds of others, controlling some, causing the death of anyone he dislikes or who poses a threat to his power.

Mysterious goings on as an obsessed man masters voodoo and the evil eye and begins striking at his victims during the onset of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. No real surprises but effective use of local color and characterization. An archaeological expedition in the South Pacific uncovers ancient ruins and sets free an ancient evil. The story of a dead spirit striking from beyond the grave to return to the land of the living, accompanied by witty writing, barbed satire, moments of genuine humor, and some first rate characterization.

His victim is a desperate man who has descended into alcoholism and self loathing. Filmed as a BBC mini-series. Passable thriller with supernatural overtones. Following an operation, a woman discovers she can see things invisible to others, which works to her advantage in a murder investigation. See collaboration below and others with Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Also writes Science Fiction and Fantasy.

A modernized version of Mary Shelley's story Frankenstein. A police detective tracks down a serial killer who was actually manufactured from dead parts.

An amorphous and very large creature lives beneath a forest. A photojournalist solves a murder and deals with unhappy ghosts. The two teens team up to battle a sinister menace at their high school. A vampire livens up a party. A circus magician uses evil magic. Young adult ghost story. Martin's, Robert Hale, , as The Woodsmen. A young woman stranded by her unruly date wanders into a church just in time to witness a ritual murder. The two men responsible begin to chase her across the countryside, but when she finally reaches help, it is revealed that the two men are inhuman, and cannot be killed by normal means.

Graphic but not very convincing horror. A policeman vacation in a small town in Scotland encounters reincarnation and evil magic. A man is [pssessed by a demon after observing a ritual in India. The horror of Nazi Germany returns in supernatural form. Gory murders abound as the same, discorporate evil force that caused the worst excesses of World War II returns in the present, preying on the living, taking possession of their wills, compelling them to commit horrible crimes. Young adult novel about vampires. The devil Samael has apparently chosen to reward a human being with riches beyond the dreams of avarice.

But the condition of this arrangement is that seven chosen people be gathered together for a very special convocation. An interesting variation on an old theme from a writer famous for his science fiction. An abandoned mine shaft is inadvertently opened, allowing restless spirits to send forth their ghostly influence and inspire people in the vicinity to violence and death.

The body count rises until three individuals with unhappy backgrounds discover the source of the disturbances. A serial killer specializing in children is brought to life at the Dallas comic book convention where a writer discover that he can create costumed superheroes through the power of sexual magic. Very dark humor mixes with horror. The "true" memoirs of Dracula, born Vlad Tepes, as told to the author.

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In this version, he still survives in the contemporary world, and Stoker's book was simply a wish fulfillment fantasy. The monster tells his side of the story, in which he is pursued by supernatural or perhaps extraterrestrial entities and powers that consider him no more than an expendable tool to be used to wreak havoc on those believed to be his innocent victims.

A man and woman run afoul of a sorceress, the reincarnation of the Countess Bathory, who maintains her continued existence by sacrificing people in horrible fashion to a demon who eats pain. Although they kill her, the woman's soul possesses a new body and comes in search of vengeance. Two young women are kidnapped by a group of devil worshippers while several people decide to use psychic powers to locate and rescue them. Dwells primarily on the horrible things done to the kidnapped women, with the supernatural element not much more than an afterthought, mostly concerned with psychic location of the victims.

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There was considerable objection to the explicit torture scenes when this novel appeared. A tropical paradise is troubled by a series of mysterious events, culminating in the appearance of a gigantic mutated creature from the depths of the ocean. In due course, the military manages to repel the monster, but only after a predictable amount of death and destruction.

Sheridan Smith from the French version. A reporter becomes involved with a young woman reputed to be a witch. Shortly thereafter, his wife falls mysteriously ill and he begins to suspect that there might be more going on than simple superstition. What might have been a routine novel of its type is saved by some exceptionally good writing, translated quite skillfully. A prominent woman who is also a practicing witch has an affair.

A romance novel with minimal supernatural content. An Indian sorceress practices her arts in this romantic novel of life in the old West. Very little supernatural content. Early American adventure romance with traces of supernatural magic as trimming. A movie crew arrives to make their latest horror film in an abandoned house with a bad reputation. Shortly after their arrival, the special effects seem to be generating themselves with fatal results. A sometimes rather awkward story of satanism. Two young women fall into the clutches of a mysterious, sinister figure who is eventually revealed to be a white slaver who has made a pact with the Devil, in return for which he has received a form of immortality.

Ekram and M. I of III by Dr. Muhsin Khan and Dr. Muhsin Khan and Dr M. Feryad A. Imran Nyazee. Mazhar U. Azami M. Abdur Rahim by Dr V. David J. Harun Ph. Paul Apostle or Antichrist by William G. Laurence B. A Ghazi and Dr T. Ali M. Barton, Lee W. Bartrand, Franklin, Pipeline , Blueboy Library, , Baxter, Paul, Sexual Espionage , Numbers , , Baxter, Shane V. Belaire, Jim, Young Tim , Enterprises, , Benderson, Bruce, Kyle , Star Dist. Bennett, P. Bistroff, Ted. Bonds, Jason, Up Yours, Buddy! Bone, I. Bowie, Joe D. Brink, Alex, Gay Relations , N. Britain, Sloane, Insatiable , Midwood, 57, Brown, L.

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Derwent, Justin A. Dix, E. Dixon, Arnold, Sheep Boy , Enterprises, , Dixon, Arnold, Geisha Boys , Enterprises, , Donom, Jack, Porno Boys , Numbers, , Publications, NT , Dorn, Philip S. Douglas, Dean, Man Divided , Fawcett, , Douglas, Ray, Jr.

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