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Reminds me of being a teenager, and my mother. En ce moment, je ne sais pas pourquoi mais tout le monde porte Coco Mademoiselle, du coup je le mets de moins en moins! Authentique comme on en fait plus. Whenever I put it on, I feel I could either be going to the Opera or sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for a secret rendez-vous… So, I use it every time I dance tango… ;-.

Jasmin est incroyable , entre autres …. I love Hugo Boss — Deep Red. Oh Garance, I love your creativity while taking pictures.

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PS: Nina Ricci Nina. Fresh, floral and fruity with mouth watering accents. Love it! Narcisso Rodriguez for her…. On me demande souvent quel parfum je porte, et je crois que je ne changerai jamais. I still miss it! Jaisalmer, dans la serie Incens de Comme Des. Il enveloppe tout, les echarpes, les plaids, les vetements, les cheveux. Je le mets depuis plus de 7 ans. Classic et un peu risible: no 5 de chanel… pour dormir! Le Jasmin Marc Jacob perfum marche bien aussi.

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Hi Garance — Ah yes, a subject that is on my mind a lot right now! I am trying to come up with a new fragrance for fall and winter. It is great but I am due for a change. Byredo Pulp is lovely, a little sweet and ultimately too floral for a winter fragrance. I am looking for something not sweet and NO vanilla — warm, mature and sexy. Any suggestions?

I have used it for a long time and always come back to it. Thanks for starting this conversation. My first boyfriend remembered it years later, and my current one comments every time I wear it. I stray from time to time but I always go back. And my mom has always worn Chanel No. That article was amazing, some of the most insightful and genuine words I have read in a long time.

The Comme Des Garçons Perfume

It really helped me! Thanks Garance!!!! Beautiful photo! And I know what you mean about the bubbles — I would have been the same way! I buy hordes of perfume and never end up wearing it much because I am too lazy — but my continuous favorite is Ralph Lauren Blue. Au boulot, Coco Mademoiselle ou Eau de Cologne de Chanel, une edition exclusive malheureusement hors de prix.

A la maison Musc de Dyptique. They are all perfect! Datura Noir de Serge Lutens. Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I think it reflects perfectly how I am, sweet and innocent, but fresh at the same time. Suave et plutot rare, tout ce qui me plait! Ni trop, ni trop peu. Parfait pour accompagner mes tenues parfois exuberantes. Smells like angels in heaven. Also, Ormonde Jayne Frangipani is a big favorite. Also, Chanel Bois des Iles. Altho I do not wear perfume any more it all gives me a headache! Love from Vermont. Narciso Rodriguez. Love the bottle s , love the fragrance.

Its subtle and yet it lingers on your skin for hours. Oh my god, I think I just wrote a line for a perfume ad. Midnight Rain by La Prairie. I will never ever tire of it. Euphoria by Calvin Klein, it reminds me on my first love and the happy moments spent with him…. I LOVE coco chanel.

I hope this never changes. My first grown up perfume was Oscar De La Renta — i felt so good wearing a designer perfume! Hermes — 24, Faubourg — it is a cold weather perfume — when I empty a bottle I move on to something else, but always come back to it. I will try some of the others suggested here! Since my wedding 22 years ago. It is still me and my man is still mad for it and me! I wait for it for years, I have the smell sticked in my mind, until one day my aunt bought it for me. Flowerbomb — je me sens forte et originale quand je porte cette fragrance.

A tort peut etre??? Calyx, par Prescriptives. Angel Thierry Mugler parfum assez banal mais que je porte depuis que mes 16 ans!

The Global Times

Everytime I change a stage in life, my perfume changes. It is as if perfumes could tell my personal story. It started with Gala from Loewe, that is no longer available, I was 14 years old. Then at University it was Eau de Dior, very fresh. I dumped my boyfriend and I had to change the perfume.

And this time it was For her, by Narciso Rodriguez. This one lasted for three years, change of boyfriend again and I had to drop it!

Secrets d'Histoire - Elles ont régné sur Versailles (Intégrale)

A real shame because I loved it. Inga might like Musc Ravageur, which I thought was a lovely fragrance for winter. Sabine x. Pour toutes celles qui comme Garance ne peuvent se passer de voyager! Chance de Chanel. Thanks for a great blog, I usually drop in every day- you are a great inspiration- keep up the good work! I loooove it. Galatea by Strange Invisible Perfumes — the individual notes do not matter as much as the impact -the effect of the whole. It smells like a flowers in bloom in a rainforest bso not too floral not too green or earthy but the perfect blend.

But it also smells to me like freshly carved marble mixed with the oil, polishing stone and skin of the sculptor. Add to this it is a natural perfume mainly organic — real ingredients on real skin. I love it. For me, its been Tommy Girl. La photo valait la varappe, c. Comment faites-vous? Pure Poison de Christian Dior! Anais Anais de Cacharel… My dad used to buy it for me after at the aeroport after his trips.

Garance you are too funny! And 2. I also have Odeur 3 but it so strong! Oh and I also adore Fracas. Fracas is my favourite.

Anthologie des poètes français contemporains/Tome troisième

After the photostory with Yasmin I absolutely wanted to checkout Byredo Parfums from Stockholm, Pulp was on one of the pictures. Les souvenirs! The One! Je suis fan! This scent really has it all for me! Not very lady-like. Your blog is wonderful, Garance! It is the aim of this dissertation to show via the analysis of French texts from throughout the century that the focus of debate over the relative natures of humans and animals shifted as the century advanced. This is important because the shift is indicative of the influence of Descartes on French thought in the latter half of the century and the continuing dissension amongst French thinkers regarding the relationship of humans and animals that Montaigne treats in his Apologie.

Whereas Montaigne used animals to humble humanity by pointing out the presumptuousness of the prerogatives it claims, Descartes conceived of a clear demarcation between humans and animals that re-establishes human difference and superiority on the basis of the possession of an immaterial rational soul. Likewise, the nature of the animal soul moved from the background of discussions concerning the relationship of humans and animals to the forefront. Parents: This work has no parents. Tweet Share. Master's Papers Deposit your masters paper, project or other capstone work.

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