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Cloud Bread Recipe
  1. The Best Cloud Bread Recipe
  2. Cochon Butcher, New Orleans
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Cracklins —These pork rind treats can be found all across the state. Easiest to find in the same shops, stores, gas stations, etc that sell boudin. Generally served warm and eaten like chips. Jambalaya —From this northerners perspective Jambalaya is a lot like gumbo but with a rice base and no broth. Again the choices tend to be between chicken and sausage or seafood. Here is a spicy seafood recipe and a chicken and sausage recipe. Want to plan a trip to Southwest Louisiana to try some of these delicious foods for yourself?

Deb Thompson writes a travel, lifestyle and food blog called Just Short of Crazy.


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I would like to receive the best features and trends across the world of lifestyle every week by email. Update newsletter preferences. Comments Share your thoughts and debate the big issues. Join the discussion. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Create a commenting name to join the debate Submit. Either will work! Not a baker at all but found your recipe. I cooked it anyway abd was shocked to eat this wonderful bread afterwards!

Absolutely my favorite keto recipe! I made cheesy garlic bread with it- thank u so much for sharing this awesome recipe. Really helps us non-bakers stay with keto! This one sounded the most interesting. They turned out great, but I forgot to take a picture! There was not too much garlic but were definitely too salty for me.

Will cut back on the salt next time. We were delighted with the texture and ate them with chicken salad. Followed the recipe exactly and they came out perfect!!! Thank you! My Keto diet has been missing something g like this! Just made a batch up. Easy to put together recipe that was fun for this nonbaker.

Need to try different cooking times to figure out which is best for my oven though as my first batch came out a little over done. Still tasty though! Will try some different flavors of spices also. Definite make again treat for this keto dieter! Thank you for the Cloud Bread recipe! I recently tried it and have already made it several times. I cannot taste the difference. We use fruit or a homemade fruit compote rather than syrup. We made this bread last night. It was better than any bun or bread we have ever used for a burger.

Thanks so much for the recipe. My first attempt at Cloud Bread! I made this for the first time today. Oh my, love this! It is so good, made a ice sandwich and the taste was perfect. I plan to try you try your pizza soon. THanks for sharing this, its a keeper So yes the whites must be whipped to stiff peaks and great care should be taken when folding the whites into the yolk mixture. Some small lumps are okay. Game changer! This is a great recipe!!! It has enough fat content to satiate and keep you going from one meal to the next. Made these today and we LOVE them!! Thank you!!

This was neither! Definitely will be making it again! I have not tried omitting the egg yolks. However, I think it would work, but the texture would be more brittle than flexible. Pingback: A collection of our favorite recipes — Mommy will help you. Sorry that happened! It sounds like your meringue deflated. It needs to be whipped to very firm peaks in order to hold its shape.

It sounds like the thermostat of your oven is off a bit. This is very common. I would purchase a small oven thermometer to hang off a rack, in order to get a more accurate reading. Just made these with Epicure Rosemary and Garlic seasoning. First time making cloud bread. Turned out really light and fluffy. Thanks for sharing, your instructions were great! This worked beautifully! I followed directions, and went just a bit easier on the garlic as suggested. I used regular cream cheese rather than low fat as I am following the keto way of eating.

The video was helpful to watch as well. If I had one complaint, it may have been a bit on the salty side. My first attempt at cloud bread, made tonight for our hamburgers. My husband and I were not disappointed. I tasted a plain sweet cloud bread last year, a friend made, but this recipe is far superior. Hers tasted very eggy. I used full fat cream cheese, Good Season copy cat seasoning mix for the Italian seasoning and jumbo eggs.

My effort resulted in 12 buns. I used parchment paper and a disappointing new, GE convection oven. Thank you for a lifestyle keeper recipe. Hard to enter comments with all the pop ups. This says ketogenic but i thought you use full fat on Keto, this recipe calls for reduced fat cream cheese. You can use full fat cream cheese. I eat Keto and I did. The fact that it is a bread that is so low in carbs is what makes it appealing for me. I am dying to make this but I only have a vitamix!!

We recently moved and my mixer was damaged. I actually made these successfully with a whisk. Thank you for this great recipe. As well you do not start the video off by telling what temperature to preheat the oven to. There is a button at the bottom of the post that leads to a page just for the recipe. Turned out great! I used the Daiya dairy free cream cheese to make it Paleo and it still worked beautifully!

So, I just did this. The taste is phenomenal! I ended up spreading the whole thing thinly across the sheet and baking it a little shorter time 20 min. Pizza cutter to divvy it up, and I had a really nice flatbread to sop up some curry! I just beat the whites until peaks formed. Are they supposed to be super stiff peaks? Any Tips for this newbie? Yes, the meringue does need to be very stiff.

You might also have over-mixed it a bit when you added the yolk mixture. Give it another try, I bet they will come out perfect! What can I use instead of cream cheese or mayo? Will creamy rice milk work? I made these and I have to say they are delicious. By far the best I have had. Going to try to make a flatbread with it as well by just spreading out on the pan,. So I made these yesterday, they came out perfect.

This morning I toasted them. Go to a lower setting on your toaster because they brown very quickly.

The Best Cloud Bread Recipe

I topped them with a fried organic egg and a little avocado. Now I am thinking about making eggs benedict with these. My absolute fav breakfast! No, I just spoon them on the baking sheet in little round mounds and spread them in a circular motion with a spatula. I just made these for the first time, and the recipe was very easy to follow.

I found that when I folded the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture, the egg yolk mixture would seep down to the bottom of the bowl, and I feared mixing the whites any more.

Cochon Butcher, New Orleans

Any recommendations to keep it blended well? These taste eggy on their own, and I would season them differently, but they have a great texture, and lovely presentation. Absolutely, I freezes best if you flash-fresh it first in a single layer, then place the frozen piece in a zip bag or storage container. What did I do wrong? It sound like you might have had a little egg yolk drip into your whites when you broke the eggs.

The fat from the yolks makes it near impossible to beat whites into stiff meringue. PS — Any remanence of fat in your mixing bowl will do the same thing. Use a dry clean bowl. Good luck! Love this bread, I have made sandwiches or just had a slice with my egg. But I would like to know how many carbs are in a piece? Worked Perfectly!

Share your thoughts and debate the big issues

Other recipes fell flat for me. Most important thing: use eggs at room temp large size-not XL or Jumbo. I do cream cheese at room temp too.. Pingback: Cloud Bread. How long do they keep or can they be frozen to keep them fresh? Yes, I have made these cloud breads ,and they taste very good. My one way of making these is really very easy and not time consuming at all. It has helped me begin the IF also. The mixture was too runny to even place on the baking sheet to cook them. Did I maybe not mix something long enough?

Try to just fold in as gently as you can and stir as little as you can. Also, I use room temp eggs and cream cheese. Mine came out perfectly puffy. Just made my first batch, amazing!! Flavorful and fluffy, turned out exactly as pictured!! It will be fun experimenting with other herbs! Ive just made this cloud bread.

Followed every steps but it turned out runny. Just like crepe. So disappointed.


Does the size of eggs matters? Im using XL eggs. Tats the only fault I could think of. Pls advise. So sorry to hear that! The cloud bread does not rise; it stays exactly the same thickness you spread it on the baking sheets. However, it should not shrink flat either. It sounds like your egg whites were not whipped firm enough. Or when you mixed the egg whites with the cream cheese mixture, you over-mixed the ingredients and deflated the batter.

I hope you give it another try. Today was my third time making these! I have been eating 2 sandwiches a day! This is definitely my go to bread! It is helping me stay in track with my carbs. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Let us know how it turn out if you give it a go. Thanks for posting this recipe. Can you substitute the cream of tartar for something different? If so, what? And TIA. I was wondering what the shelf life is on this? Thanks in advance. When we make them, they are usually gone within a few days. They thaw in minutes at room temperature.

Very flavorful and easy to make! These are delicious!! They make great guilt free breakfast sandwiches. I highly recommend making. I am a THM and I just made a batch of these with fresh rosemary! So delicious and easy to make! Thank you for sharing this recipe!


Great, easy to make recipe! It is so nice to be able to eat a sandwich again! I read that they are better to eat within 12 hours, but I reheated mine in a degree oven for about minites and it was even better rhe second day. So many possibilities!!! Hi Karen! However, the consistency might be a bit spongy without the yolks. I feel like I baked mine for a longer than reported but the inside still was a tad wet : Otherwise they taste amazing!

I used 4 eggs and 3 oz of cream cheese softened, merinque came out great, so WTH? These are good! The texture is a bit spongy but a worked really well with an egg and bacon avocado breakfast sandwich. I will definately make these again and look forward to trying lots of variations. Made these with lowfat cream cheese…after they baked I made mini pizzas putting them in a degree oven for anther 10 min.. I used tomato sauce,peperoni and cheese on top..

Thanks for posting this recipe! Just finished making these. Substituted 4 T Greek Yogurt for cheese. Note that when you start to fold in the egg whites, start with a small amount and work into the egg yolk mixture, then add another third, until done, this will help your mixture stay fluffier. Thanks for the great recipe!! I am doing Whole30 and cream cheese is out. Have you ever tried it with coconut cream? Has anyone used this as mini pizza crusts? I am guessing it would just melt if you attempted to rebake it? What is cream of tartar please.

Its role in this recipe is to stabilize the egg whites so they have more loft. It is possible to overbeat egg whites and then they weep. Also, when adding the egg whites to the yolk mix, first fold in about a third of the whites to sorta get the mixture lightened up and ready for the remaining whites. Then fold in the rest of the whites. Hopefully this helps! Maybe you could fudge it with raw cottage cheese? Have you tried a hand blender with whisk attached? I made a bread the other day that called for the whites to be separated and whipped, even with the hand blender it took 10 minutes for soft peaks.

She had been trying to come up with another recipe and made mistakes and these were the result of her oopsie moment. I recall back in the early days of my low carbing almost 2 decades ago Cleochatra username came up with this recipe. Yes, her name is Jamie YourLighterSide. I made these as per the recipe and they tasted great but were pretty flat? What did I do wrong?? Was your mixer still foamy when you placed it on the baking sheets? You might have over mixed it. Another thought is the cloud bread pieces stay about the same size and height as you spread them on the baking sheets.

Maybe you spread them too thin? I think the same thing happened to me. Tasty but thinned out. They had similar color to your recipe photos but they were thin and mishapen. Any ideas how long it takes to get the right whipped consistency when using an electric hand mixer? How long do these keep after baking — what is the recommended way to store? Could they be frozen? Thank you:. Store them in a zip bag and either place in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, or you can freeze them. However they taste best fresh. Sounds like a great idea!

However, according to the My Fitness Pal app, two slices contains: 3g fat grams, 38 calories, 1g carbs, and 2g protein. You might want to go back and update that chart. It actually states that the recipe yields 10 pieces and serving size is 10 pieces. Making for the first time and my batter did nit firm up. Can you tell me why?