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  1. Meet the YHP Scholars for One Young World
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Moreover, One Young World has turned down bids from cities that have not been able to provide this guarantee.


We do not discriminate in accepting delegates based on their race, creed, or the political system of their country of origin. And it is on that same basis that we keep ourselves open to consider all cities as potential hosts for the annual One Young World Summit.

Meet the YHP Scholars for One Young World

One Young World will meet again as the world faces both familiar and new global challenges. The Summit aims to inspire young leaders, as well as initiate dialogue, information sharing and ideas in the presence of world experts.

Above all, One Young World is a catalyst for action to address critical global issues. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

One Young World 12222

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But that rather defeats the purpose of a global movement like One Young World. One Young World, the global forum for young leaders, today announces Munich as the host city for its global Summit in Munich has become a major international centre for business, technology, engineering, research and medicine. It is home to several universities and is the headquarters for many multinational companies and world-class technology and science centres. Since its launch in , One Young World has built a network of over 9, Ambassadors — young leaders whose work projects have positively impacted This congress brings different worlds and contrasting views together in a unique way.

One Young World 2018

Munich stands for a high level of vigorous civic engagement, for new initiatives to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable development, and for a potent economy, high technology and the technologies of tomorrow. The Summit gives Munich the opportunity to show itself as an innovative, modern, liveable city to an international audience. Munich will welcome One Young World Counsellors high-profile leaders who work with the young Ambassadors and delegates, sharing their experiences of making a positive social impact.

In alone, 2.

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This is a place closely associated with innovation that has made its name with its forward-thinking approach to business, technology and education. One Young World's mission is to create the next generation of more effective and responsible leadership: Munich is an ideal hub of innovative excellence to inspire young leaders to take on the world's challenges and make a significant impact.

Munich is the perfect location for our eleventh One Young World Summit, which will put young leaders who are actively creating positive change, alongside politicians, CEOs and other prominent global luminaries. Munich is an ideal destination for social entrepreneurs and there is much to learn from its civil society and spectactular surroundings". As a long-standing partner of One Young World, we are particularly pleased to be a partner for Munich and a catalyst for the One Young World Summit.

The Summit will be taking place in The Hague from the 17th — 20th October.