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'I'm Still Standing' - Elton John

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Cast Of "Rocketman" - I’m Still Standing (Visualiser)

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I'm Still Standing Women's Retreat

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Elton John - I'm Still Standing

That all just organically came together. We didn't stop filming. If the cameraman, Nick, got tired or had to go to the toilet, I would film. On day two he was down there serving coffee to everyone in the morning! Everything seemed to work quite well. We just kept filming, waiting for someone to tell us to stop… and no one did. I think they were loving it — they had Elton John out on the promenade! Everyone was so in tune.

The pace was extraordinary. I think by that accident happening on the first day, everyone just came up with the most incredible energy. The energy you see in the video was the energy on the set and behind the scenes; it was just total fun and comradery and creativity. I'm dancing very badly. The parents were very happy to have their young son in an Elton John video.

We shot most of the video outside the Carlton and on their beach, using their chairs and umbrellas and all that, but a couple of those shots in the evening and at night, like the car with all the people on it, were at the Negresco. It was around in the morning. We film till dawn. And then on the Monday I went straight into pre-production of my first feature film, Razorback! Russell and Elton in the s. Photo courtesy of Russell Mulcahy. Alessandro Safina.

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