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  1. Play It Forward, Cincinnati!
  2. Emily Eisner

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow through sport and play.

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Charity RR There is a purpose to our play! Thank you to our sponsors! Easton Industrial Air.

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Come play with us! A few weeks later, he started noticing some abnormal medical symptoms, mainly a shortness of breath.

Play It Forward, Cincinnati!

Whether on the football field or in a conference room, Play it Forward Pittsburgh is engaging a broad community of individuals working to save lives through organ donation. Our Play It Forward Pittsburgh campaign launched in September and runs through the end of this year. Our goals are to register organ donors, raise awareness about the organ donation shortage, educate about organ transplantation, and fundraise for a new Starzl Network for Pediatric Transplantation Read more about Playing it Forward!

Our Campaign 22 Americans die every day waiting for a life-saving organ. Learn More.

What Is Play It Forward?

Our Partners. By my calculation, our team effort affected over people. Some told us they would pay it forward too. It was an exciting and fun day. We will recommend it to many!

Emily Eisner

Everyone loved giving back to others! I have heard so many great comments about people being moved to tears by the good things that were shared with them, such as purchasing groceries, handing out money, etc. Our staff enjoyed doing this as a team, and bonding with each other as well. The energy in our office today is amazing! Many said it was the best Team Leader Meeting they have ever attended and are inspired to build the team morale in their own departments!